Every customer has DIFFERENT computer needs. We have never met two customers with exactly the same things in mind when they would like to buy a computer. Of course there are the “standard answer” customers who tell us they are buying a computer to ‘surf the internet and check email’ or ‘chat with friends and family and do school work’. But, if you really take time to LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMER and PROBE the customer for more, you will comprehend that every one of them has thought about doing more. EVERYONE I have ever met, who uses a computer, can honestly say that they have thought of doing at least 5 of the followings things on the internet:

  •      Online Banking
  •      Buying/Selling Items on eBay
  •      Listening To/Downloading Music
  •      Making Resume
  •      Drafting/Drawing
  •      Gambling
  •      Chatting With Friends & Family
  •      Editing/Creating Music
  •      Online Business
  •      Shopping (Cars, Clothes, etc.)
  •      Learning/Taking Classes
  •      Watching/Downloading Movies
  •      Playing Games
  •      Email/Faxing
  •      Writing/Composing
  •      Searching for Employment
  •      Learning About Other Countries
  •      Family History

The list goes on and on. We design computers to fit the customers SPECIFIC and ABSTRACT needs. We like to design the computers to fit each customer’s lifestyle yet have the ability to handle things they might DESIRE to do in the future.

For example, if a Graphics Design Artist comes to us desiring the “Right” computer system for their needs we would make sure that there is plenty of hard drive space, enough memory, and a fast enough processor included in the computer. We would not worry about making a DVD burner or a 7.1 digital surround sound card mandatory unless that person had interests in editing and burning movies and music also. We would just tell the customer that we can add them now to save you the trouble of doing it later, if they can afford to do it. Otherwise it can always EASILY be added later when they have the finances and desire which justifies such hardware.

Or, if the owner of a small business comes into our shop needing a simple POS (Point Of Sale) system we are NOT likely to build them something which has a massive amount of memory and an awesome graphics card for such a simple task. They can even save money by getting used equipment in MOST instances.

We do not wish to sell our customers something they do not need. We give our customers MANY choices, from the ‘cheap way out’ to the ‘all you should need’ choice. Although you can have too much computer, it is not often that someone gets more computer than they need from us. Not only does it save the customer money but it saves us time of explaining things to customers who MAY BE overwhelmed by what they have already.

Our customers “SPECIFIC NEEDS and possible desires” are taken into CAREFUL CONSIDERATION each time we build a custom computer. If anyone is doing it different most likely they are doing it WRONG. That is why we have ELECTRONIC WASTE and ELECTRONIC WASTE TAX in our country!

We not only appreciate your time and business but we desire your opinions and encourage your detailed feedback as a VALUED CUSTOMER and PATRON of our site. We will be improving our website as often as we possibly are able to. We will be adding content merchandise regularly. Feel free to add us to your list of FAVORITES and look forward to possible things such as News Letters which will give you insight into making computers a SIMPLE Step By Step Process for you, your friends and your family alike.